Visual Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Visual Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer – The signs and symptoms of cancer may vary, and some women who have cancer may not have any of these signs and symptoms. Anyway, it is recommended that women know their breasts, and learn to recognize changes in order to alert the doctor.
The best time of the month for women who still menstruate assess their own breasts to look for changes is a few days after menstruation, when the breasts are less engorged (swollen). In women who are already in menopause, this self-examination can be done at any time of the month.
Changes should be reported to your doctor, even if they have appeared shortly after a mammogram or clinical breast exam done by a health professional.Visual Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer
Breast cancer can present various signs and symptoms, such as:
1. Hardened single node.
2. Bulging a portion of the breast.
3. Swelling of the skin.
4. Redness of the skin.
5. Nipple inversion.
6. Mass sensation or lump in one breast.
7. Increased lump sensation in the armpit.
8. Thickening or retraction of the skin or nipple.
9. Bloody or serous secretion from the nipples.
10. Swelling of the arm.
11. Pain in the breast or nipple.


It is worth remembering that in most cases the redness, swelling the skin and even increase in size of axillary nodes represent inflammation or infection (mastitis, for example), especially if accompanied by pain.
But as there is a rare form of breast cancer that manifests as inflammation cancer, these findings should be reported to the doctor the same way, and the woman must undergo a clinical examination is mandatory.

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