Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth

Tea tree oil to promote hair growth is critical to having strong, healthy hair. Losing your hair is the worst nightmare for every woman. That said, growing hair can be difficult, and it does not help when you are surrounded by people who have Hair that grows at a speed of light. But what if I told you that it can not be so difficult?


There are ways in which you can restore your Hair back to its former glory. There are no miracle solutions that can provide a thick, long hair overnight. However, there are remedies that can help you stimulate hair regrowth and increase the rate at which hair grows. Tea Tree Oil has gained popularity as such treatment.Hair Growth

What is Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil extracted from the shrub of the tea tree. It is native to Australia. It has strong antimicrobial properties that have made it a popular remedy for treating scalp and skin problems. It is often used in cosmetic products like shampoos and conditioners, and to treat issues like dandruff and acne.

How Tea Tree Oil Promotes Hair Growth: Tea Tree Oil improves blood circulation, which helps release toxins and stimulate hair follicles. The antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Tea Tree Oil ensure that your hair stays clean and healthy. Improving the health of the scalp makes the follicles more receptive to nutrition, and the pores clear.

How Tea Tree Oil Works on Oily Hair: In greasy hair, essential oil helps to clear the pores and soothe the sebaceous glands. Hair Loss is a direct result of clogged follicles and an irritated scalp. It also improves the health of the scalp as a whole with its antimicrobial properties.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth: Tea Tree Oil can be used on dry and oily hair types to improve hair growth. You can add various ingredients to this essential oil to create a perfect solution for Hair Growth.

One of the best ways to use Tea Tree Oil is in combination with other carrier oils. Below is a step-by-step guide on using Tea Tree Oil to stop Hair Loss and promote Hair Growth.

Using Tea Tree Oil with Other Oils for Hair Growth: Tea Tree Oil needs to be diluted before you can use it. Combine a few drops of the essential oil with your Hair Oil, you will create a Hair Growth Solution that boosts the health of the scalp. While Tea Tree Oil induces the growth of a new Hair, carrier oil will help nourish your follicles. This may work in your favor, if you already know which oils work best for your Hair.


  • 2 tablespoons of any carrier oil
  • 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil
  • Mixing bowl
  • Hot towel


Combine carrier oil with Tea Tree Oil in a mixing bowl. Heat the oil mixture until slightly warm. Do not use a microwave as it can cause loss of nutrition. Instead, place the bowl containing the oil mixture in a larger bowl containing hot water. Comb your hair and rub the heated oil on your scalp and along the length of the wires. Once all the entire scalp is covered with oil, massage for 10 minutes. Wrap a warm wet towel around your head. This will create a warm environment that will help open and unlock your follicles. Rest with the towel for 20 minutes and then rinse the oil with shampoo and conditioner. Optionally, you can leave the oil in your hair overnight.

Frequency: Since washing Hair too often can be detrimental to the health of Hair, it is not recommended to treat your Hair with hot oil no more than three times a week. Oily hair types can use light oils like Jojoba or Olive.

Precautions: Do not overheat the oil as it can lose nutrients and also runs the risk of burning your scalp. Blends with Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth.

Tea Tree Oil with Green Oil / Olive Oil for Hair Growth

Olive oil is a natural conditioner that improves the health of your hair and its elasticity. This prevents Hair from breaking. It is also lightweight, which makes it perfect for all types of Hair. Olive Oil, by itself, is also linked to Hair Growth. In combination with Tea Tree Oil, it is a great hair moisturizer.

Ideal For: Due to its light weight and moisturizing properties, Olive Oil can be used by everyone, regardless of any type of Hair. It leaves this hair silky smooth, keeping it hydrated.

Tea Tree Oil with Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth: Jojoba Oil is very similar to the natural oils present on your scalp. The reason why your Hair is oily is that your sebaceous glands are pushed out because of dry conditions. Using Jojoba Oil soothes the inside of the hair follicles while making your Hair stronger. It also minimizes heat damage and makes your hair soft and shiny.

Ideal For: It is perfect for oily hair types. In fact, with regular use, Jojoba Oil can control the amount of oil produced and thus reduce Hair Loss.

Tea Tree Oil and Castor Oil for Hair Growth: Castor Oil is hailed as a miracle solution for Hair Loss. It nourishes your follicles and hair with omega-9 fatty acids. It strengthens Dry Hair while nourishing and moisturizing. Due to its thick and sticky consistency, Castor Oil can be best used in combination with a lighter carrier oil such as Coconut or Olive Oil. It will not only promote Hair Growth, but also increase the Hair Growth rate.

Ideal For: The thick consistency of Castor Oil makes it ideal for dry and damaged hair. In a little Castor Oil, add two parts of lighter carrier oil and 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil for Hair Growth: Coconut Oil is one of the most popular and penetrating hair oils. This means it penetrates through the hair cuticles and nourishes your hair with its rich content of fatty acids. Prevents protein loss by keeping it healthy and strong. When used with Tea Tree Oil, it nourishes your Hair, improving the health of the scalp and stimulating Hair Growth.

Ideal For: Coconut Oil can sometimes weigh your hair if it is not washed properly, so it is not recommended for oily hair. It can be used for Hair types that range from normal to dry.

Almond Oil with Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth: Almond Oil moisturizes and relaxes the cuticles while promoting Hair Growth. It’s light and does not weigh the inside of your hair. Helps hair growth by unclogging the follicles and improving blood circulation. It leaves your hair with soft feeling and shiny look.

Ideal For: The lightness of Almond Oil combined with its moisturizing properties makes it ideal for all types of Hair.

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