End of Bad Breath With This 3 Ingredients
End Of Bad Breath With This 3 Ingredients. In addition, breath is the smell of air that the person exhales through the mouth. Unwanted, characteristic or repulsive breath is called bad breath or halitosis. Bad breath is not a disease, but a symptom that something is wrong with your body. Generally, people cannot feel their… (0 comment)

The 9 Home Remedies for Head Lice
The Home Remedies for Head Lice. Here are some simple procedures that can be done at home. In addition, lice are some of the most common and easily contagious parasites, mainly affecting children, especially those who are of school age, as well as women. The lice transmit quickly and reproduce just as easily, so if… (0 comment)

Raspberry Leaf Tea For Menstrual Cramps
Raspberry Leaf Tea for Menstrual Cramps is an excellent home remedy. In addition, Chamomile is a powerful home remedy that has soothing properties. So it calms the nervous system, treats insomnia, colic in general, indigestion and even gas. Menstrual cramps, also called dysmenorrhea, is a pelvic pain that occurs due to the release of prostaglandin,… (0 comment)

The 10 Home Remedies for Impetigo
The 10 Home Remedies for Impetigo. This very common bacterial skin infection occurs worldwide and affects more than 100 million people every year. Impetigo is rarely seen in adults since it is closely associated with frequent touching of body fluids, objects, and the like, which is most seen in children. Preschoolers are particularly prone to… (0 comment)

Bleach To Treat Cold Sore [Complete Recipe]
Oxygenated Water for Treating Cold Sore is an excellent home remedy. In addition, canker sores are painful sores in the mouth, which are usually white or yellowish, surrounded by a bright red area, and usually appear on the tongue and inner walls of the mouth. Symptoms of Sore: The main symptom is pain, sometimes a… (0 comment)

The 13 Home Remedies To Fight Vaginal Itching
The 13 Home Remedies To Fight Vaginal Itching is an excellent home remedy. Also, What is Vaginal itching? The itching and irritation are uncomfortable if they occur anywhere on the body. However, when it occurs in a sensitive area such as the vagina, it can be especially unpleasant – but most of the time you… (0 comment)

The 20 Home Remedies To Treat Bronchitis
Home Remedies for Treating Bronchitis are excellent remedies. In addition, bronchitis is the inflammation of major air passages into the lungs. The acute form of bronchitis is very common and usually comes with other conditions, such as influenza or other respiratory problems. The chronic version of bronchitis needs special care. Types of Bronchitis: Bronchitis can… (1 comment)

Reishi Mushroom Tea For Asthma [Complete Recipe]
Reishi Mushroom Tea For Asthma is an excellent home remedy. In addition, Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. The lung of the asthmatic is different from a healthy lung, as if his bronchi were more sensitive and inflamed – reacting to the slightest sign of irritation. If we think of a person… (0 comment)