Homemade Mascara To Remove Carnations in 15 Minutes

Carnations are small black spots on the skin, especially on the face. They are very common and can appear in people of all ages, although they are most common during puberty, adolescence and adulthood. The blackheads are asymptomatic and require some care to avoid complications – some of them can become acnes, which are visible and occasionally can cause pain and tenderness in the region.


Carnations are one of the most common dermatological problems that exist. In addition, To make this homemade mask you will need just two super simple ingredients:Carnations


  • Milk
  • 1 colorless and tasteless jelly envelope


Mix a few tablespoons of Milk in 1 packet of Gelatin and microwave for a few seconds. Just to melt the gelatin. Mix well until a white, homogeneous paste is obtained. Apply the warm paste over the nose. Where there is a greater concentration of blackheads. After 15 minutes, or, feel that the Gelatin is pulling hard, remove the mask by the tips.

You will notice that many cloves remained stuck in the gelatin mask, and rid you of these uncomfortable black dots. Easy, right! You can do it today!

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