Recipe With Lemon and Ginger To Lose 8 Kg in 15 Days

Recipe With Lemon and Ginger To lose 8 kg in 15 days, with this juice detox, which detoxifies and deflates the body. In addition, the juice has the power to improve the sting and the digestion, besides making the skin more beautiful. If there is something that is up for fast and effective weight loss is the detox juice.


In addition, the drink that promises miraculous results, are gradually becoming part of the routine, helping in the loss of weight and the reduction of fat accumulated mainly in the abdomen. In addition to helping to dry the belly, frequent ingestion of the same acts on improving the following symptoms: migraine, concentration, tiredness, sleep, mood, digestion and intestinal functioning.Lose 8 Kg

The main asset of detox juice is in nutritional value. They are a quick way to get close to the six daily servings of fruits and vegetables, it’s the average amount recommended by professionals for a balanced diet. But it is the detoxifying ability that names and gives fame to these juices. The recipes are rich in antioxidant components, which help to eliminate substances harmful to the body, such as free radicals. Now let’s get to know the benefits of lemon and ginger better.

Benefits of Lemon: The benefits of Lemon are especially increasing the body’s defenses by fighting off flushes and inflammation of the airways because it is rich in vitamin C which improves immunity. In addition, lemon is also important for:

  • Combat uric acid because although it is acidic, it is transformed into the stomach and will alkalize the blood.
  • Help to lose weight by being low in calories and having fibers, which decrease appetite.
  • Protect the cells as it is an antioxidant fruit.
  • Facilitate digestion and regulate the absorption of sugars by the presence of soluble fibers, such as pectin.

Benefits of Ginger: Ginger is a root that can be used in teas or zest that can be added to water, juices, yogurts or salads. In addition, the health benefits of ginger are mainly for:

  • It help in weight loss.
  • Ginger speeding up the metabolism.
  • It relaxes the gastrointestinal system.
  • Ginger prevents nausea and vomiting.
  • However, Ginger also acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, helping in the prevention of diseases such as colon and rectal cancer and ulcers in the stomach.

So now that we already know the beneficial properties of lemon, and ginger. Check out now the juice recipe With Lemon and Ginger For Loses 8 kg in 15 days.


  • 4 Leaves of Mint
  • 1 cup (200ml) of green tea
  • Pure juice of 1 lemon
  • 2 teaspoons ginger.

How to prepare: wash and sanitize leaves, fruits and vegetables. Beat all the ingredients in the blender and sweeten it preferably with honey, stevia sweetener or brown sugar. Drink after.

Note: To really achieve good results it is necessary that you maintain a balanced and healthy diet. In addition, to potentiate the results, be sure to engage in some physical activity. Taking a walk everyday is a good start.

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