Why is it so hard to lose weight?

Why is it so hard to lose weight? In addition, you eat little, knit a lot and still do not lose weight. Know that this problem reaches many people, but it can be beaten! Enter diet, leave diet and even then the dreamed ideal weight never arrives. The great saboteurs of the perfect silhouette. Just closing your mouth does not mean that your effort is in vain. Change your way of facing weight loss and reach your goal!


Weight Loss Can Be Difficult Because Of Fashion Diet: Every body is unique, so there is not a single recipe for all people in general. When too restrictive, they may work at first, but soon the body adapts and nothing in the scale pointer goes down. The ideal is to seek professional assistance to define your unique menu.lose weight

Weight Loss Can Be Difficult Because Of Monodietas: It is foolish to think that lettuce and water are enough to lose weight. In fact, eating only one type of food (or a small group) means giving up health. The more varied the diet, the greater the supply of nutrients and the better the functioning of metabolism, the master of weight loss. Without the proper nutrients, the body has no “fuel” to work, slowing down the organic processes, including that of burning calories. So no monotony food! Diversify in the consumption of fruits, vegetables and vegetables to lose weight.

Weight Loss Can Be Difficult Because of Breakfast: After about eight hours of rest and fasting, the body needs energy to function. Only thing that coffee does not solve. Several studies suggest that eliminating breakfast can increase hunger in subsequent meals, favoring dietary abuse and weight gain. In addition, the calories of a good breakfast are best spent on performing tasks throughout the day.

Weight Loss Can Be Difficult Because Of Substitutions And Cuts: Another myth that fights against being overweight is to think that replacing lunch with a snack is a good option. A complete meal, with protein, carbohydrates and fiber, is key to having energy until the end of the day and avoiding hunger spikes. A radical regimen of only a thousand calories a day, for example, slows metabolism, making it difficult to lose weight. The ideal is to consume 1,500 to 2,000 calories and make 6 separate meals at 3-hour intervals.

Weight Loss Can Be Difficult Due to Night Hunger: Some people suffer from nighttime appetite. Generally, they are part of the group that feeds badly during the day. The problem is that the night is the most difficult time for the body to process the calories absorbed – which is why meals should be light. The solution is to review the daily routine, noting the previous tips.

Slimming Can Be Difficult Not to Dedicate to Meals: Despite the rush, you should try to eat with ease and savor the dish, allowing satiety to be triggered by chewing. Otherwise, the rush will only favor weight gain and the emergence of digestive problems. A good way to optimize time is to plan the menu in advance. Remove the treats from the pantry, leave the vegetables available, clean and, if possible, chopped, and always have a soup in the freezer.

Losing Weight Can Be Difficult By Drinking Many Calories: Juices, sodas, and sodas can be a big culprit in your non-weight loss. Orange’s natural drink, for example, is very nutritious but also very satiating and requires a follow-up, such as the tasty and caloric appetizers. Therefore, the best way to consume fruit is in natura, and juices should be reserved for breakfast. Already soda (even light) and aerated waters with aroma are rich in chemical additives and sugars without any nutritional value. Therefore, they are empty calories in your diet. Similarly, alcoholic beverages have nothing to offer the body. Their calories are absorbed quickly and stored, mainly in the form of fat in the abdominal region.

Weight Loss Can Be Difficult By Eating Too Much Salt: Fiber is a great alliance of weight loss because it helps control appetite, improves bowel function, and reduces the absorption of carbohydrates and fats. Then, wager on vegetables, greens, grains, whole grains, and lots of water, a partner of nutrients.

But if the fibers help wilt the belly, salt has the opposite effect, because sodium contributes to the retention of liquids, which results in swelling. Avoid industrialized foods, inlays, preserves and snacks ready and bet on herbs and spices to season your meals.

Weight Loss Can Be Difficult For Not Sleeping Well: If your goal is to lose weight, no ballads or dawns surfing the internet. This type of excess also affects the metabolism, damaging the burning of calories. Rest daily for 7 or 8 hours.

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