The 10 Signs of Colon Cancer That Many Ignore

The Signs of Colon Cancer that Many Ignore are fairly simple. In addition, colon cancer includes tumors that affect a segment of the large intestine (the colon) and the rectum, being one of the most incident types of cancer in the world. It is treatable and curable in most cases detected early. Most of these tumors start from polyps (benign lesions that can grow on the inner wall of the large intestine).


The National Cancer Institute (INCA) estimates 32,600 new cases per year, with 15,070 men and 17,530 women. In addition, Colon Cancer accounts for approximately 14,000 victims annually in Brazil.

The prevention of colon cancer is very precarious and a large number of women and men only comes to diagnosis when the tumors are already in advanced stage of growth or are spread throughout the liver and lungs.Colon Cancer

Like other types of cancer, it is interesting that the individual always has healthy habits, with a rich diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and physical exercises. Foods rich in fiber protect the intestine because they facilitate bowel movement, accelerate intestinal transit, and decrease the contact time of carcinogens (which lead to cancer) with the bowel wall.

Reflecting on your lifestyle is always a way to prevent any type of cancer, because in seeking balance, you will certainly achieve a healthy life, away from Cancer.

Anyone with one of the Signs below should seek a doctor – especially if there is bleeding through the anus – to perform a clinical examination. Among these examinations, rectal examination and colonoscopy may be necessary. So now check out The 10 Signs of Colon Cancer That Many Ignore:

Diarrhea or Belly Prison: Constant constipation and diarrhea are among the Signs of Colon Cancer. Studies suggest that the contact of feces with the walls of the colon and rectum for prolonged periods of time increases the chances of developing the disease. In addition, there is no doubt that eating habits are directly related to bowel function.

Feces Changes: This is one of the Signs of Colon Cancer little perceived, as patients tend to think it is the result of some type of food. But beware: if you notice that your stool is thin and does not return to normal thickness, or a color and appearance deferent from normal, seek medical advice. This may be the result of some tumor that is preventing the normal passage of the stool.

Abdominal Cramps: This is one of the very common occurrences after we overeat or when we have difficulty digesting certain foods, but it is possible that it is one of the Signs of Colon Cancer. If you feel very full when you finish eating or if you feel tired and have a very heavy abdomen, then do not turn a blind eye.

Probably this happens for some reason without much importance, like the gases, but if in addition to this sign you also notice, for example, your different stool, consult your doctor.

Pain or Sore Feeling in the Anal Region After Evacuation: When you feel like going to the bathroom, even though you have just left it, or it looks like something is still missing inside your gut, these can without some of the Signs of Colon Cancer that Many Ignore .

Unexplained and Frequent Fatigue: These Signs of Colon Cancer are normal in several diseases, but it is also a condition that can be indicator of Colon Cancer. Observe if fatigue accompanies other symptoms, then seek a healthy and balanced diet.

Invest in healthy food, but if there is no improvement over time, immediately seek a professional. Fatigue is associated with colon cancer because it consumes all the energy of the body.

Anemia: Anemia occurs more often in women than in men. Usually this can occur because of an abundant menstruation, but it is important to always know the causes, as this may be another of the Signs of Colon Cancer.

If you have been diagnosed with anemia, ask your doctor to do an analysis of your stool to try to identify the presence of blood, so that if your cancer develops, your treatment will be more effective.

Weight Loss: If there is no apparent reason for weight loss, this fall in body mass may be one of the Signs of Colon Cancer. Cancer cells use the body’s energy reserves as fuel, eliminating all stored fat.

In addition, we must consider that the immune system is affected, which ends up burning more calories than normal. Finally, there is another factor that influences weight loss: the tumor blocks the work of the intestine, so the digestion is interrupted.

Most early stage cases of colon cancer do not show any clinical manifestations. So it’s important that you stay tuned for any change, different sign or symptom, so check out other Signs of Colon Cancer that Many Ignore:

  • Swelling in the abdomen.
  • Feeling of satiety.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Discomfort when evacuating
  • Distension of the abdomen

These signs are also related to other diseases, they are not necessarily unique signs of colon cancer. However, if any of these signs are present, a physician should be consulted for accurate diagnosis and initiation of treatment if necessary.

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